SOLIDARITY WATCH  |  3D Product rendering

Client  |  TisMO Geneve

Industry  |  Luxury watches

I undertook the task of creating captivating 3D renders of the TisMO Geneve „Solidarity” watch model. TisMO Geneve, renowned for crafting timepieces for notable figures such as the Pope Francis and Al Pacino, entrusted me with showcasing their newest model in the best light possible. The aim of the project was to highlight the exquisite craftsmanship and elegance inherent in the „Solidarity” timepiece. Through attention to detail and expert rendering techniques, I sought to convey the watch’s intricate design elements, from its precision-engineered dial to its luxurious materials and fine finishing. By capturing the essence of „Solidarity” through photorealistic imagery, I aimed to elevate its allure and appeal to discerning watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.


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